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Protecting your team is a top priority, and the Kimberly-Clark Guardall Shield face mask can help. The ¾ length face shield is designed for procedures and environments where there’s a risk of exposure to bodily fluids and / or blood through splashing. It’s easy to don, thanks to an attached headband and comfortable to wear, thanks to its built-in foam band. It’s roomy enough to wear over glasses or goggles and is resistant to fogging. The clear visor allows maximum visibility for all of your lab tasks.

  • 40 Kimberly-Clark Guardall Shield Face Masks (1 Box), Clear, ¾ length visor
  • Equipped with a foam band and headband for comfort and easy donning
  • Can be worn with our without glasses or goggles
  • Resistant to fogging, for use in humid environments or places with temperature variations (as well as anywhere your staff needs this protection)
  • Clear visor for maximum visibility

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