Easy Touch 30 Gauge 1 cc 5/16 in Insulin Syringes - 100 ea

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Easy Touch Insulin Syringes 30 Gauge Are Film Coated for Maximum Comfort.
Easy Touch® Insulin Syringes 30 Gauge 1cc 5/16 in
Film coated for maximum comfort.

Generally speaking, you should size your syringe to your maximum injection dosage. For example, if you are taking 20 units per shot, you could use either a 0.5cc/50-unit syringe or a 0.3cc/30-unit syringe. If you are taking 60 units, use a 100 unit/1cc syringe. Since the markings are wider apart the smaller the syringe needle size, it is generally easier to read a 35-unit dosage on a 0.5cc/50-unit syringe than on a 100-unit/1cc syringe. It is easier to read a 15-unit dosage on a 0.3cc/30-unit syringe than on a 0.5cc/50-unit syringe. There is nothing wrong with doing a 15-unit dosage on a 100-unit/1cc syringe, but remember, being precise with your dosage leads to better diabetes management. These short needle insulin syringes are available with 30 gauge and 31 gauge thicknesses. This number represents the U.S. standard sizing for stainless steel hypodermic tubing. The actual dimensions are: The larger the gauge size, the smaller the outside diameter, and therefore, the smaller the hole put in you. You and your physician or diabetes educator must be the judge of your comfort level and needs.

Questions: Visit: or Call Manufacturer: 1-877-358-4342



  • Plunger:
    • Advanced design of plunger ensures smooth and correct movement inside barrel.
  • Finger Flange and Thumb Rest:
    • Optimum design provides comfortable and positive grip for eash control.
  • Protective Plunger Cap:
    • Maintains sterility of syringe during shipping
  • Protective Needle Cap:
    • Prevents contamination and damage to needle.
  • Needle:
    • Special surgical grade of stainless steel.
    • Securely attached needle eliminates needle pop off.
    • Multi-facet needle bevel with lubricant coating allows smooth and more comfortable injection.
  • Barrel:
    • Transparent barrel gives excellent view of syringe contents.
    • Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors.
  • Plunger Tip:
    • Tight fit and leak proof.
    • Lines up precisely for accurate reading.
    • No “dead space” for accurate dosage and less waste.


  • Use once, destroy and contain.


Keep out of reach of children.

Other Information:

Please note, that the standard length of the 28 gauge and 29 gauge needle is ½ inch while the 30 gauge and 31 gauge are only 5/16 inch. This shorter needle is required to prevent the much thinner needle from bending. There is also a psychological incentive to use a shorter needle, but most adults will find that the 29 gauge will work just fine as they need a slightly larger diameter and greater length.

Please consult your physician or diabetes educator before making any changes in needle size, length, or capacity

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